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Richmond, VA


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An Annual Affair

The POSH Experience

I build brands. But, more succinctly, I build relationships.

This January twenty-five emerging brands are invited to attend The PR Behind The Pretty, a business intensive for creative entrepreneurs!  Brands that range from fashion + beauty, lifestyle + entertainment, to bloggers and business owners who believe in serving their clients. 

What unifies us? Our love for being creative; getting our hands dirty with styling; and cutting edge, yet practical PR techniques for business growth. PS: Can we add champagne here, too?!

Caroline Kalentzos, CEO of  POSH PR® 

Caroline Kalentzos, CEO of POSH PR® 

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The Broad


The Broad is in an ideal location in the heart of downtown Richmond’s dynamic arts and design district, surrounded by small galleries, unique boutiques, inspiring architectures and an explosive culinary scene. As a fellow woman-owned business, we knew The Broad would be the perfect location to host our workshop all while being able to explore the city’s rapidly expanding cultural scene.


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We believe in elevating your brand so you can create the life you've always dreamed of living.  We believe that authentic brands are successful brands and if you stay true to yourself you have no competition. We believe in creatively telling your brand's unique story to connect with your ideal client.

Speakers coming soon!

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How to run a creative business that has no competition

Are you in the beginning stages of building your brand? Are you feeling overwhelmed with how a successful brand is built? If this sounds like you, you're going to love the branding portion of the workshop! Just like a house, we need to start with a solid foundation.



How to utilize the power of PR to create strong relationships with ideal clients

Okay, so you've built a brand that you are proud of. What, now? How do you tell people who you are and what you are selling?! In the PR portion of the workshop you will learn how to sell your brand and become your own publicist!

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How to market your business, build brand partnerships and find influencers

Do you want to learn how to build brand partnerships? What about develop a media kit for your services? Or, the best way to pitch yourself to potential clients? In our Marketing session we will provide you with the tools and resources to take your brand to the next level!



How to reach a six figure income & the 10 rules to follow

Do you have financial goals in mind but are unsure how to reach them? Do you have pricing questions or are you concerned you may not be pricing your products and services appropriately? In this session you'll learn how to reverse engineer your pricing structure in order to reach ANY financial goal you set!



How to discover your purpose & never “work” another day in your life

If you build a business based upon love and focus on what sets your heart on fire, you will NEVER work a day in your life! This session helps you discover what you are truly passionate about, helps you create the "why" behind your brand and leaves you with a clear mission and vision statement.



How to grow your social media following and attract your ideal client

Do you struggle with knowing the best hashtags to use, when to post on social media and how to beat those pesky algorithms?! You are not alone! The Social Media session will dig deeper into the tools you need to post on social media like a boss AND to grow your following.

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How to style photos that tell a story and attract more clients

This is the FUN part! Get ready for a hands-on styling session where you will create custom branded images that you can post on social media, use in your email marketing strategy, or even on your website! PS: Don't worry, there will be plenty of white marble backdrops!



How to increase sales and make more money within your existing client base

Do you feel uncomfortable selling your products and services? Or maybe you simply don't know HOW to sell your services in order to reach your financial goals. This session outlines how to up-sell your existing clients, utilize (and grow!) your email list, and provides templates for Media Kits and other selling tools!


Caroline Kalentzos, CEO of POSH PR®

Hi, doll! I’m Caroline — the CEO of POSH PR®, a boutique public relations and lifestyle branding agency specializing in partnerships with fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands worldwide.

With over nine years of experience in sales, marketing and PR— I understand how to tell your brand's unique story and take pride in developing customized strategies that produce exceptional results.

From curating specialized content to attract your ideal client, to implementing promotional campaigns, I believe that authentic brands are successful brands and if you stay true to yourself you have no competition!

I live for making the world a prettier place with heartfelt conversations and random acts of kindness—and, of course, a curated Instagram feed!

Empowering women is my love language.

Nothing fires me up more than working with a client to elevate her brand so she can create the life she's always dreamed of. I run on coffee and puppy kisses and believe that one person can give life to creating change.

I live a fashion infused lifestyle in the heart of Richmond, Virginia with my handsome Greek husband, Constantine. He is my best friend and, at times, even my business strategist!

I believe that every day is a celebration and I live by my business slogan, Champagne Is Always The Answer®! Let's be honest, this doll loves to party pretty! #dollspartypretty

The most beautiful thing about PR is this: You have the power to tell your audience how you want them to think and feel about you.
— The Caroline Doll